Meet your health coach
Nikki Gallias
I am a Clean Eating Health Coach with a passion for educating men and women to use nutrition to look and feel their absolute best. ​

After my third child was born, I discovered a clean eating lifestyle as the answer to staying energetic, strong and healthy - and I have never looked back.

Once I was willing to  commit to this lifestyle, I lost weight and my life improved drastically. I then dedicated myself to helping others do the same. I'm constantly working to improve myself and impart what I have learned through my coaching. Having been an early childhood educator in South Africa, Switzerland and the U.S. with a background in art and drama, I bring unparalleled compassion, creativity and effective instruction to my coaching style. I live in Fairfield, CT with my husband and three children. 

My goal is to help each client feel and look their best. While each client has their own unique goals, I strive to help them fulfill them through my coaching, support, mind changing strategies and accountability. I follow the journey with them until they are ready to soar. This journey is a committment and I am 100% committed to each client. 


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